Terms and Conditions




Authorization is hereby granted to CDC Small Business Finance ("CDC") to obtain all financial information and records, related to the Applicant identified below including but not limited to, financial statements, tax returns, employment information, accounts and credit reports through any credit reporting agency in relation to an application for a loan or an existing loan, or both (“Loan”). 


I understand, acknowledge, and agree that CDC and Other Loan Participants can obtain, use and share tax return information for purposes of (i) providing an offer; (ii) originating, maintaining, managing, monitoring, servicing, selling, insuring, and scrutinizing a loan; (iii) marketing; or (iv) as otherwise permitted by applicable laws, including state and federal privacy and data security laws.   CDC includes CDC's employees, affiliates, agents, contractors, service providers and any of aforementioned parties' successors and assigns.  The Other Loan Participants include the U.S. Small Business Administration, any actual or potential owners of a loan resulting from your loan application, or acquirers of any beneficial or other interest in the loan, any mortgage insurer, guarantor, any servicers or service providers for these parties and any of aforementioned parties successors and assigns.  Collectively CDC and Other Loan Participants may be referred to herein as "Authorized Parties."


The Applicant will provide applications, forms and financial documents in relation to the Loan.  From time to time, these forms may need to be corrected (e.g., due to misspelled names, incorrect addresses, etc.). The Applicant hereby authorizes and directs Authorized Parties to reasonably modify and correct these documents to conform the documents to the required, necessary and/or appropriate information.  The Applicant hereby ratifies and authorizes the changes contemplated by this Authorization.   


By clicking “Apply Now”, I authorize the release to any credit reporting agency a copy of my credit application, and authorizes the credit reporting agency to obtain information regarding my employment, savings accounts, and outstanding credit accounts (mortgages, auto loans, personal loans, charge cards, credit unions, etc).


Authorization is further granted to the reporting agency to use a copy, facsimile, electronic copy and/or other reproduction of this Authorization to obtain any financial information relating to the applicant.  As used herein, the phrase “financial information” shall be broadly construed, as allowed by applicable law.  In the event of default or loss on the government guaranteed loan, applicant acknowledges that the names of the small business and guarantors of said loan will be reported to the Credit Alert Verification Reporting System (CAIVRS), which may affect the availability of future financial assistance. 


This Authorization hereby grants permission and authorizes the Authorized Parties to share and release any such financial information related to the Applicant with lending and/or financial institutions, including their committees and representatives.


By clicking “I Agree” I hereby release, discharge, exonerate the Authorized Parties, and any person/party furnishing financial information from any and all liability of every nature and kind arising out of the furnishing and inspection of such financial information and other information, and this release shall be binding on my successors, heirs, assignees and legal representatives.  If more than one person or business is providing this Authorization and Release, then the use of the singular in this Authorization includes the plural. Further, the Applicant represents and warrants that Applicant is duly authorized to agree to the terms of this Authorization and the Application.